Laser Hair Removal


laser hair remover handpiece
Laser hair removal is an effective advance over traditional methods of hair removal like electrolysis. We use the LightSheer diode laser, which delivers a special light absorbed by the hair follicle. The laser's chilled tip cools the skin, minimizing discomfort and protecting the epidermis. The laser works best on people with dark hair and light, untanned skin. It is appropriate for sensitive skin, as well as hair produced by certain medical conditions, including hormone imbalances. It is not necessary to extract ingrown hair before treatment.

Can the laser treat a large area at one time?
Laser treatment is much faster than other methods. We can treat areas like the lip, face, underarms or bikini area in one session. Backs and legs may take several hour sessions

What preparation is needed for this treatment?
We ask patients not to wax or tweeze hair for 3-4 weeks before treatment. If you have already had a consultation, we ask you to shave the treatment area before you arrive. If not, we will do this after you arrive. We like to take before and after photographs (which we will never share with anyone without your permission.) We usually perform test spots before doing a full treatment to check your skin's reaction to different levels of laser energy and choose the one best for you.

What does treated skin look like afterwards?
After, the skin looks slightly pink and swollen, a bit like a sunburn. This subsides rapidly. Cold packs may help. Less than 10% of treated patients have some blistering or scabbing after treatment. This is temporary and the risk of scarring is extremely rare. Pigment changes generally last 2-3 months. Darker pigment responds to lightening creams.

Before and AfterHow many treatments will I need?
Each treatment produces hair loss in most patients. Because hair follicles are most sensitive in their early growth phase, we encourage patients to return 4-6 weeks later for more treatment, when new hair starts to re-grow. The number of treatments you will need depends on your individual response, as well as the degree of clearing you are looking for. The most common is 3-5 sessions for each treatment area.

What are the possible side effects of laser hair removal?
Treatment is superficial so scarring is extremely rare. Pigment changes are more common. In particular, hyperpigmentation (temporary darkening of the skin) sometimes happens, especially in tanned or dark-skinned people. We minimize this risk by performing test spots before treatment, and using safe, but effective energy levels. Pigment changes generally last 2-3 months, but may take longer to clear. Lightening creams may help.

What should I do if I have more questions?
Ask! Please call or e-mail us if you do have more questions.